Pizza Only * No Slices * Cash Only



Burning Coal in the oven at The Little Rendezvous in Meriden CT
Steve Tossing dough at the little rendezvous
The perfect Pizza from The Little Rendezvous in Meriden CT
March 27, 1888


Oven Number 312 to F Duhrkop from the Dutchess Tool Company Matteawan, NY

1888 - 1938


Back Building was a Bread Bakery

Front Building was a market
1938 - 1940


Verdolini family loses downtown lease and moves Pizza shop to Pratt St.. Hallway built connecting buildings.

1940 - 1946


Pizza shop owned by Mr. Mezonetti

1946 - 1962


"The Little Rendezvous" gets it's name from new owner Mr. Tony Pascucci



Lou Molinari owns and operates "The Little Rendezvous"

Paul Bernier works for Lou starting in July of 1962

1982 - 2010


Paul Bernier owns and operates " the Little Rendezvous"

Paul retires "well sort of" after 48.5 years with "The Little Rendezvous" You can still find him here occasionally.


2010- Present

Steve Chehotsky takes over as the latest owner of the Little Rendezvous.

Steve has worked here off and on since he was 15 1/2.

Steve worked for Paul for 10 years full time. A true passing of the torch.


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