1. blaine

    one of the best pizza places in new england
    owner is a great guy

  2. Dan Temple

    I am a Meriden native and buy pizza from Rendezvous every time I am in town. Each year I buy multiple pies for my family on the night before Thanksgiving, and I always get an extra to bring home. I have shared the tradition with my wife, daughter, and even daughter’s travel softball team when we rolled through town. Thank you Steve! Absolutely killing it.

    • ED G

      can you eat in the dining room? is there table service?

      • Norman C.

        You can eat in the dining room it is self-service

      • The Dietitian

        Yes you can eat in the dining area. No, there is no table service.

    • Barbara Blau

      Thank you for the small cheese pizza last night. I know how busy you were at 6pm .. you made my night.. both the plain and cheese were perfect !!!!!

      • Vous Crew

        Thank you Barbara. Glad you enjoyed it 🍕💙

    • Vous Crew

      Thank you Dan T. We appreciate you too 🍕💙

  3. Drew

    Best pizza I have ever had! Make sure to call in at least 1-2 hours before you need your pie because otherwise you might miss out. They do a great job at having your pie ready on time and are friendly to chat with while you wait.

  4. Andy

    I love this place … The pie is always great! .. Steve is the hardest working guy I know that makes a great pizza …. Its worth the wait !!!!

  5. Andrew Vacco

    I love this place … The pie is always great .. Steve is the hardest working guy I know that makes a great pizza …. Its worth the wait !!!!


    I’m 67, and grew up in Meriden. As a special treat, my father would go to Little Rendezvous now and then and get a couple pizzas for our family of 12. This is “hands down” the best pizza I’ve ever had. PERIOD. You just can’t replicate that 135 yr. old oven.

    • Vous Crew


  7. John T.

    I have been a patron of Little Rendezvous Pizza for around 48 years. I moved to Meriden in the 70’s and immediately started looking for good pizza. I was born and raised in New Haven and lived literally next door to one of the “Holy Grails” of “Ah-beetz.” So I knew what I was looking for!

    Luckily I found 2 great pizza places in Meriden and at least one of them was on my dinner menu every week starting in 1975. Unfortunately Mother Nature destroyed one of them. However the other one is still pumping out great tasting pies today.

    So if you are in the area and looking for a New Haven style pizza give Rendezvous a try.

    Ok, now I’m hungry ……….time to make the call!

  8. Tony Davella

    Rendezvous pizza is “ the original for me” ! Lived in Meriden from 1980–2006 , not to many weeks passed when we didn’t get a pizza. It is the best, and there is no other pizza like it anywhere. I still pick one up if I’m in the area. Carry on Steve .

  9. P. Max Mueller

    Steve….. Glad Little Rendezvous is still operating, haven’t been there in more than 15 years, but it’s good to know ya are carrying on the tradition. The absolutely best pie ever made, anywhere, as far as I can tell, including NH & Italy. Planning on a trip down to Pratt Street with some family members in December, and am really looking forward to it. Patronized your business quite often during the 1960’s through 1980’s and ALWAYS got a great abeetz, perfectly charred and consistently prepared. Friends in Meriden advise me you are doing it exactly as in the past, something an old guy like me truly can appreciate.
    Really looking forward to my visit.

  10. Mike Carabetta.

    Had my boy with autism and he was a little nervous. Walking down that long dark tunnel. Went to pay and didn’t have enough money and he said it’s ok. Don’t worry about it.

  11. Michael Mocilenko

    I first found this fantastic pizza while living in Meriden back in 1987
    Took the long walk into the back counter to order where I met Paul. He recommended the white clam pizza with bacon. Always had it well done. To this day was the finest pizza I have EVER had.
    I ate 2 or 3 a week.
    The best of the best.
    Now live in Florida where there is no comparison to that delicious pizza.
    Happy to know the tradition of this fine establishment continues… Thank you for the memories of GREAT pizza.

  12. Kurt Zepernick

    Best I’ve ever had! I lived in Meriden in the 80s and to this day, my mouth waters every time I think of this place. Please start shipping out of state…Yum Yum!


    We have been getting pizza from Little Rendezvous since the 80’s, and there is NO better pizza in Meriden.
    I believe my opinion best pizza in Ct. bar none!!


    just talked you guys up on wplr. all they can talk about new haven pies,yours are just as good if not better!!!! 3-10-2021

  15. KB

    Best pie ever. I use to have friends that would say, “Why do you go to Meriden for pizza?” Then they tasted it and would say, “Guess where we got pizza from?” DO NOT EVER CHANGE WHAT YOU DO!!!

  16. Paul Letteri

    I have been around the world , Naples Italy , the birthplace of modern pizza 🍕 is the best I have had , the Little Rez right here in Meriden
    My favorite pizza in the U.S ,CT has many very good ,but not as good
    As this ,Coal fire 🔥 oven, they get much hotter then wood and make a great crust A must try if passing through Meriden 👍👍

    • Tim Riordan

      Excellent Pizza! Best House Pizza in town by far. Very friendly people working there. It’s old school style pizza. Takes a little longer to cook but well worth the wait!

  17. Norman Couture

    Growing up in Meriden this was my favorite pizza place. Left town over a decade ago and still know the phone number. I don’t know my wife’s or mother’s phone number but “The Vous” will always be with me

    • Mike Verdolini

      I grew up on coal oven pies. Nothing compares. Been a Friday night patron for years before moving out of town. These guys have nailed it! Great pie!
      Now and then I get the itch for that taste. Nowhere else will do. Still visiting, just not as often as I’d like.
      A must try. You’ll be hooked.👍🏻

      • S Anastas

        Verdolini’s and Rendezvous were the go-to places when we were dating. Many happy memories.


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